How Wesbites Make Money

Learn about the profit model that leads to social media platforms making profit off of your personal information.

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About Social Media

What is There to Learn About Soical Media?

Social media platforms have taken over the world. Sites like Facebook have transcended from simple social websites, to instead huge companies that have stake in various things aside from just being a site where people can interact. Facebook has many additonal features like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram has an in-app shop where it encourages you to buy clothes from different brands and pages, and Snapchat allows you to buy outfits for your Snapchat "Bitmoji". Many of these companies and sites seek ways to be profitable and make the most money but as free to use sites and platforms, how do they in fact make most of their money?

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How Website and Platforms Make Money

The real danger of social media is in their profit model. When you use social media, you are how they make money. By this I mean, they actually are able to sell ads on their wesbites to advertisers based on how many users they have and with the data they have, they can make even more money through a thing called "targeted adevrtising" which targets certain demographics based on the data they collect from you which they can use themselves to better sell ads and make more money. You can learn about this in our video and transcript we made that is attached on the sidebar!

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